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The Benefits of Providing Drug Abuse Education to schools

Drug abuse refers to the taking of drugs that are not prescribed such as tobacco, cannabis, cocaine among others and the use of alcohol which have an effect on the user’s social, mental and physical well-being. Latest research has shown a reduction in the use of substance abuse in some countries. On the contrary, some youths are still using drugs and alcohol. It is therefore important to administer substance abuse education to schools. It is of importance that schools should offer programs on substance abuse to students. Unlike in homes, schools cover the highest number of teenagers, and there is, therefore, an assurance that none will be left out when it comes to substance abuse education.

Most young people lack opportunities for acquiring substance abuse education elsewhere other than their schools. Comments, thoughts and experiences if education on drug abuse is held in school a thing that would not be possible if held at home. The school programs of most states are schemed in such a way that they offer education to students on substance abuse. In most cases, students are given actual examples during life skill lessons on the bad effects drug abuse poses to human life.

Failure to administer substance abuse education in schools may lead to the failure of capturing students on that issue since self-restraint is a thing mostly taught in schools only. In most schools, there are trained people who can offer education on substance abuse. It will be dissatisfying to rely on unprofessional to impart knowledge to students concerning drug abuse.

Some institutions that allow drug abuse do not pose a good picture as schools do; hence, these institutions are not reliable to offer substance abuse education. Other than the schools, there are no other institutions that expose students to further studies on drug abuse and their effects hence schools will always be the best to administer such education.

Recent research outlines that the youth are the most affected group of people by substance abuse. It will not be effective to give substance abuse education in institutions where teenagers do not make the largest numbers as in schools.

Students mostly emulate the characters of their teachers. It will, therefore, be a success for teachers to administer drug abuse education to learners in schools since there is an assurance that the point will be driven home. Responsibility is a key value taught in schools, and it helps the teenagers to cope with life issues which will only be possible if they avoid drugs. For all these reasons, it will be better to entrust the teenagers in the hands of teachers in schools to cater for substance abuse education.

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